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Wednesday, 13 June 2007

My first post

I am new to blogging as a concept and I started this account only because a lot of my friends have their blogs and one friend that i met on orkut convinced me during a scrap exchange.

Its nice to be having a domain which I can use to express myself in any ways that I feel necessary. Lets hope it does take care of the loneliness that I am subjected to.

Loneliness or not, life goes on at a pace that is rarely set by us. We only have this false belief that we are controlling elements in our neighbourhood. We are making efforts to keep more and more things, persons, and elements in our control. This tendency to keep control can be dangerous.Why do we need to keep things in control.

Are things really under our control....if yes how many factors in our immediate environment are under our direct control......i have always been trying to analyse this and ultimately i am veering around to the view that we dont have anything in control. Whatever happens happens and we happen to be just mute spectators.