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Thursday, 20 June 2019

Hang In There

In India the average life of a patient on dialysis is 7-8 years

For me it has been 17

A successful transplant means freedom from dialysis

Due to several obstacles, I have had to postpone a transplant surgery  for so long

Finally I have managed to eliminate all obstacles like the HepC infection and my mom is donating despite having a blood group

Today I am on the threshold of a transplant

Looking back, I think I have done pretty ok. I started my career afresh and headed an organisation

I was able to follow my passion of hiking and today V Hikerz is doing pretty ok

I rediscovered my passion for photography and consider myself a decent photographer today

All this despite being on dialysis

I have to thank a few people at this juncture but maybe Ill wait to complete the surgery

But this definitely seems like light at the end of a tunnel

A Very Long One

My friends and well wishers always said "Hang In There"

Today I think I understand the true meaning of that phrase