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Stand and Stare

It has been a very long time that I have written something. I love to write and narrate my experiences. It has also helped me connect with so many new people and most have become good friends My earlier posts were about kidney ailment and dialysis followed by how I managed to live on dialysis. My hiking trips were the centre of most of those posts.  I had a kidney transplant in 2019. My mother donated her kidney at her age of 70. It has been a miracle and by the Grace of God, both of us are doing well health wise Due to old injuries that I have been nursing, I am unable to hike any longer. Yes, hiking has always been my first love. But I missed nature and photography We have now discovered road trips. There are so many pristinely beautiful places around Mumbai. It is time to visit them and explore them Being single, I feel lonely at times specially during the weekends. These trips help me fill that vacuum and also helps me enjoy nature and the outdoors which I am so fond of. In the las

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