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Friday, 13 July 2018

Adventure Next

The last couple of months have been really tough on me. Emotionally it has been tough due to a terrible misunderstanding with a close friend leading to a painful breakup. All communication has broken down leaving any chance of reconciliation improbable

I had a surgery to remove one of mymy parathyroid gland in February. However the readings have not improved. Neither has the bone pain. Sleep at nights is tough and it keeps me tired the next day. This tiredness is now accumulated and I am finding it very painful to even keep standing in a place for 15 minutes

Two years ago I used to go mountaineering in this season

The worst thing is in my last blood testsy hb had reduced to less than 8. This has happened first time after around 12 years. I guess this is also adding to the extreme fatigue

Depression due to all of the above made me feel really low and lonely. The fact that earlier I could go out in the mountains hits me harder

Times are tough and situations are hurtful

I am just focusing on getting my thoughts in order so I dont mess up on the new inquiries that could take my consulting practice to the next scale.

I guess at such times its best to not think about things that are not working and focus on activities that seem to be yielding positive results.

The doctor has put me on iron injections and hopefully the hb readings would improve soon enough. This should allow me to at least get back to road trips that help me "stay alive"

I can only do whats in my control. Beyond that I can pray for things to move in the right direction

I have lost the fear of the unknown long back. As usual trying to look to the next moment to offer its set of surprises as I continue living the adventure called life

Yes the AdventureNext is On

I am not giving up