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Saturday, 13 October 2018

Value of the Stepney

While on the trip to Konkan, there was a scary incident. The narrow roads of konkan are a pleasure as well as challenge to drive on. As the hairpin bends curved a ST bus drove almost at us. I was driving and I had no option but to swerve to the sides and avoid a collision

What we didnt realise was that there was a huge pointed stone at the roadside. After moving a couple of km we stopped to ask some directions and the villagers pointed out that we had a flat tyre

My friend helped replace the tyre. We realised that the allow frame on which the rubber tyre was supported was disfigured and it was imperative that we use the tyre.

There was a spare tyre (stepney) in the boot and it was in good condition luckily. We thanked our stars and did the needful. The stepney didnt have the alloy frame but it worked. It helped us get our car back to Mumbai which was roughly 230 km away.

The stepney didnt look too good on the car. After all the alloy wheels adorned 3 tyres and the spare wheel didnt have the alloy decoration. But in times of emergency it was this spare stepney that saved the day for us

We came back and I sent it to the garage for repair. I was told that a new alloy wheel would cost around ₹ 30k but i went for it. I wanted my car to look beautiful with alloys in all 4 wheels

So they replaced the wheel and the stepney was removed. They put it back safely in the boot of the car.

I just could not stop thinking. Without this stepney we might not have been able to make it back home from the wilderness, it was some sort of saviour for us

But it was back and consigned to the boot where it would be in forgotten state till its required during the next emergency.

We had a similar experience during Chikmagalur trip where the Stepney was the saviour otherwise we might not have been able to return to Bengaluru. I am sure in this case as well the stepney was back in the boot without the respect it deserves

I have experienced how it feels and what it means to go through when it happens to us.

Isnt it time we spare a moment and respect the stepney?