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Thursday, 22 July 2010

V Hikerz Blog

Being busy has its own consequences. We tend to forget everything else that we enjoy doing.

In my case I have been busy with work and treks. Well in my case at least I have been busy with what I love doing. One part of my life that I have not been able to allocate time in the last couple of months however is this blog.

But there is one more blog in place now. This is the V Hikerz Blog to which I have been one of the contributors. This is meant to be a ready reference to trekkers about the various places to trek around Mumbai.

There has been a lot of effort around this blog by members of V Hikerz.

Along with that I have been busy with work and actual treks. Maybe I will write about my experiences during each of the treks in the ensuing posts.

I will be back and with a bang.

As they say, you cant keep me back for long :-)