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Monday, 29 November 2010

Happy Birthday V Hikerz - Clean up of Kondana Caves Trek Route

When V Hikerz was formed, one of the common bonds we had was love for nature. We completed one year as V Hikerz on 27th. It was an occasion to celebrate. And We celebrated for sure ..... in a different way.

One of the pain points for me in person and as a group has been the amount of litter that was all over the place whenever we trekked. In fact we used to always identify the correct route based on how many wrappers were littered on it. So if we didnt find a wrapper littered we used to doubt whether we are on the right route.

We wanted to make a difference to nature, something we always keep talking about. It was time to stop talking and do something. albeit in a very small way.

Kondana Caves is a very short trekking route near Karjat. There are waterfalls and Budhist
caves at the top that make it a very popular trek. So the amount of litter on this route was bound to be high. At the same time it was a short route, so the clean up would take less amount of time.

We left on saturday and bought items to have a mocktail and dessert at Karjat Station. Rajesh and myself left early and Shyam and the kids came later just in time for dinner.

It was a great atmosphere. The kids were in great spirit and the whole group enjoyed the introductory sessions for the new comers. Then there was a session on "how to pitch a tent." The kids were so eager to experience this that they chose to sleep in the tent at night. So the tent went into the dormitory acco that we had arranged for and slept in that.

In the morning we left at around 830 am and completed the trek in an hour and a half. We played a game on "Identifying Landmarks" and they were told to identify the same landmarks on their way back. This is the first lesson of trekking.

The kids were encouraged t0 enjoy nature as well. They had a wash in flowing water (rivulets) drank mountain water (free of cost) and also had a shower under a waterfall. The waterfall was a bonus really as we didnt expect it to be live at this time of the year. This was the best part as the kids (we became kids too) enjoyed the water falling on our shoulders massaging them.

On the way back we collected some sacks from the workers of the Archeological survey at the site and starting picking the garbage. We kept a boundary of around a foot and a half from the path( path included) and came clearing the garbage. Rajesh had organised some plastic gloves so that we didnt need to clear the garbage with bare hands. We had to bend our backs and it was getting very tiring. Shyam was carrying the sacks in both hands.

It was very tiring, yet very satisfying.

We collected around 4 sacks full of rubbish including wrappers, plastic bottles etc. and carried them in our hands till Van Vihar.

It was a great experience. Satisfying yet humbling.

There is so much that mother nature has offered us. There is so much that we can give back to mother nature.

So much more...........

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Just a Chance

But you are egoistic they say. You are feeling insecure they say. If you ask them why, there is no answer.

You are labelled the bad guy. Based on some version that another friend has shared. It might not be the truth. It could just be a misunderstanding due to lack of communication.

But no one would want to confront and ask questions. Its easier to make a judgement and break off. Well it could be the truth, for all you know. The person concerned might really be at fault.

But even if he is, then it is better to let the person know what the mistake is. It is always better to give an opportunity to share his version of the story. Then and only then is it fair to make judgements and take decisions.

This is in fact even more important with people who have been close and you have shared so much in the past. How can you simply break off with someone with whom you have been so close without giving him a fair hearing ?

Imagine what the person concerned would be going through or simply try to imagine how you would feel if someone close would treat you in that manner.

Make judgements, break off, do negative propoganda against the man, but before that have the courtesy to hear his version of the story.

Give him a chance damn it !!