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Saturday, 5 April 2008

An Opportunity

To live life with a handicap yet perform like a normal person is an adventure in itself. My friend Nagesh referred me to a company where I went for a business meeting and got offered a job instead.

An opportunity is an opportunity

that too in a field which is one for the future and has a lot of potential. Add to it the fact that it was related to my marketing qualifications and experience. It was a different matter that my qualifications were not regarded due to my health issues. There were two ways in which I could face this situation. Either keep sulking or take the bull by the horns. I took up the job. An opportunity is one nevertheless!

And for kidney patients they dont come by so easily..............

The challenge was to be able to perform in a high pressure scenario. That too in a creative field where the levels of subjectivity was quite high. It helped that I had a background in design development and also a bit of grounding in ecommerce applications.

Whats more, the job location was not to far off from where I stayed. Also the employers were nice enough to allow me to leave office at 6 pm whenever I had an appointment at the hospital.

At first it was very funny working under colleagues who were several years junior in age and also a bit junior in experience. Now I am used to it. At times you feel that there could be a better solution to issues but cannot take decisions as superiors feel otherwise.

I have had the great privilege of managing the most demanding clients for the company. This has been a learning experience in itself. I have learnt time management even more deeply now. It is sort of getting ingrained in me now. The work is quite exciting. Nowadays, I hardly rest 6 hours daily and on an average around 4-5 hours after dialysis before I come to work. This is quite surprising. I dont know where I get this kind of energy from. Maybe, it is the work that keeps me involved and interested. Or it could be that my health is improving over all. Either way, it is a huge positive.

At times, I made mistakes, everyone does....just that most of us dont have the balls to raise our hands and take responsibility. I am not cut out in that mould....I guess.

At times, I felt my body was giving way. As if I needed to go home and rest so badly that if I didnt do so, I would simply collapse. Yet I mustered the will power to complete the work at hand and only then leave. I was competing with normal human beings. I could not give up.

An opportunity is one nevertheless!!