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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Reserved Seats

I had dialysis the previous night and had to travel to an area which is around 15 minutes from my residence by road.

I was feeling fine. So I stepped out. I started walking as there was no taxi available outside my colony gate. I saw a bus coming in the same direction and the bus was going to that area.

I used to regularly travel by bus when I was a kid but once I started earning I spoilt myself. I upgraded to travelling by taxi. But today there was no taxi available and this bus would take my directly to where I wanted to go.

I ran. The bus was just about to take off from the bus stop as I got in. I asked the conductor for a ticket. Another result of my spoilt nature is that I didnt have small change on me. Well I handed him a 20 rupee note and he requested me for change as he didnt have any.

The bus was unusually crowded. For me I am anyways not used to crowded buses nowadays. So I was left holding onto the rod at the ceiling of the bus. I had run and started sweating profusely.

I started feeling weak. I wished I could get to sit somewhere. I could feel my pressure drop. And alarmingly.

I felt blacked out and lost sense. However something prompted me to hold on to the rod as if my life depended on it (maybe it really did) and was rudely awakened by the conductor who informed me that he now had the small change to give me my ticket.

I was back to normal albeit just about.

As I was getting off the bus, I saw the seats that are reserved for ladies and handicapped people.

Handicapped people are physically disabled. One of their limbs are non functional. I agree that they need seats to be reserved for them.

As for me, I am quite active and an avid trekker. Such situations happen with me and I have the will power and strength to face it bravely without anyone even getting an inkling of what I am going through. But other kidney failure patients (those living on dialysis) are more troubled. Most are bedridden. Most are not able to afford the expensive treatment and travelling by bus/train happens to be the most economical mode of transport. I can only imagine what they would be going through. Its not a matter of how much pain one needs to endure but the very question of life and death.

Why not have reserved seats for people who are suffering from other serious ailments

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

V Hikerz

I have been trekking for around 18 years now. I have trekked with various friends. In fact wherever I went a trekking group got formed. I have been that passionate about treks.

I always dreamt of having my own group. We always had an informal thing going. We used to call ourselves Mumbai Weekend Trekkers. But it never took the form of a proper group that organises treks etc.

When the group had been to Naneghat (I missed this one) and returned one of the regulars Varun mentioned to me that we could start a formal group. This was something that I was also thinking about. I felt that if we were doing so we should go the whole hog and this would mean designing a logo as well as think of a nice name.

We decided to start off with the naming process. We circulated some names between the regulars and had a poll. The poll threw up a couple of names one of which was continuation of the current name albeit now called Vkend Trekkerz. However, somehow somewhere it wasnt right. We needed something catchy.

Shantanu felt that the current name described us most accurately. We were weekend trekkers from Mumbai. But we needed a shorter name.

All of us agreed. So we chose V Trekkerz. However I felt that what we do is more of hikes as we go uphill.

V Hikerz was born