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Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Mangalore is my native place. My family originally hails from this city. It is also my place of birth. Maybe that is the reason whenever I land in Mangalore I feel a strange sense of belongingness.

I had rescheduled my dialysis from the night slot to the early morning slot. The hospital authorities were nice enough to accomodate me on this one. I finished the process at 12 and went home. I had a flight to catch. The flight was scheduled for 4 pm which meant I hardly got any rest post dialysis. But I was excited. I am excited everytime I am travelling to that part of the country.

We landed at Mangalore airport at around 6 pm. Our family friend had arranged for a taxi to take us to Kundapur from where the village of my origin (Halady) was around 12 kms.

The moment we stepped out and the car took off from the airport, this quaint sense of belonging started engulfing me. The smell of the mud, the beautiful landscape, the tiled roofs brought back that nostalgic feeling that I enjoy so much.

It was such a memorable experience. As it always is............

The very unique feeling that one experiences when you belong to the place. A feeling of homecoming............

Thursday, 2 October 2008


We have to go for hemodialysis every third or fourth day. As a result going on vacations is an issue for us. To go on longer vacations we have to do a research on the dialysis centres in that place. Once that is done we have to find out which ones have slots available for one extra patient.

Its an advantage if we know someone in that place so that they can check out the centre personally and ensure the hygiene etc. that is required for that place.

Then once we go to that place the whole process of registering in the new place what with repeating all those blood tests which are necessary precautions and the purchase of equipment to facilitate dialysis.

Well, the whole fun of a vacation is lost. So best way is to make put at home or take short breaks from the hustle of the city.

As they say "Good things come in small packets"