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Monday, 7 May 2012

Back to Blogging

Life has taken me thru lots of ups and downs. Its really adds to the adventure quotient

Amazingly it makes life more interesting and fun to live

At the same time it has been a huge while that I have penned something on this blog. I have been terribly busy, just coping with the amazing twists and turns that life has had to offer me.

More importantly I have missed sharing my inner feelings using this blog as the medium

I have decided that from now on, I will continue penning down my notes here and hopefully it will be as enriching an experience for me as it was earlier.

Enriching in the sense of being able to introspect more and thereby exploring my inner self much deeper to be able to understand myself better.

In a way nothing can be more adventurous than exploring our own selves.

And yes that makes me an Adventure Tourist !!