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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Just a Chance

But you are egoistic they say. You are feeling insecure they say. If you ask them why, there is no answer.

You are labelled the bad guy. Based on some version that another friend has shared. It might not be the truth. It could just be a misunderstanding due to lack of communication.

But no one would want to confront and ask questions. Its easier to make a judgement and break off. Well it could be the truth, for all you know. The person concerned might really be at fault.

But even if he is, then it is better to let the person know what the mistake is. It is always better to give an opportunity to share his version of the story. Then and only then is it fair to make judgements and take decisions.

This is in fact even more important with people who have been close and you have shared so much in the past. How can you simply break off with someone with whom you have been so close without giving him a fair hearing ?

Imagine what the person concerned would be going through or simply try to imagine how you would feel if someone close would treat you in that manner.

Make judgements, break off, do negative propoganda against the man, but before that have the courtesy to hear his version of the story.

Give him a chance damn it !!

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