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About Me

My name is Samiir Halady. I am a marketing professional working in Mumbai India. I work in the Business Development Function of a company that is into Marketing Automation Software as well as Digital Media.

I have been an avid trekker since 1992. Most of my experience has been in the Sahyadris or the Western Ghats in Western India.

I had to discontinue my passion for a while since I started out on dialysis in 2002.

For a while I was despondent about what I was going through. Dialysis at a young age etc.

Then I decided to take the bull by the horns. My older group had either gotten married and settled down or were not in favour of me getting back to trekking. It was in good intention as they felt it was not desirable for me given my medical condition.

But for me trekking was and will remain a passion. So I collected a new set of people who had never trekked before and started building a group. Today we have a group called V Hikerz which is one of the more active weekend trekking groups functioning in Mumbai.

Also like trekking Life on Dialysis has a lots of ups and downs. Life goes on but its the life of Adventure and you end up being an "ADVENTURE TOURIST"

I use this blog to chronicle my experiences of life as a dialysor (patient on dialysis) and also how I am able to live a full life despite all odds............including trekking regularly