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Tuesday, 6 November 2007

While being on dialysis it has been my endeavour to live life as much as possible as a normal human being. This applies not only to performing in business ventures but also in other activities. One of my passions has been trekking. In the beginning it was really tough to go trekking and as a result of the weakness I was not able to trek for more than 3 years. Since I grew up this was the longest phase when I havent trekked. Although I have never trekked continuously for long durations, I consider myself to be quite an experienced trekker when it comes to trekking in the sahyadris the range which extends very near to Mumbai and most of maharashtra.

It restarted during a small meeting of a group of friends at idli house. A small discussion about the monsoons and how beautiful it was to trek during the monsoons with all the natural beauty and greenery at its sublime best. Being a saturday, we were thinking of getaways for spending the sunday. Ideally some place which was not too far off from Mumbai and from where we could return the same evening. We decided on Tungareshwar, not a trek in the purest sense of the word but a nice walk with some enjoyable waterfalls on the way.

We left in the morning by train to Vasai and we met a couple of more members at Vasai station. We reached the place from where the walk started. The beauty of the monsoons has to be seen to be believed and in the rains the route gets even more fascinating.

This being a walk it was ideal location for my first trek in many years. What a great beginning.

The trek culminated in a small temple of Tungareshwar and hence the name. The temple is small but has very positive vibrations and is in the backdrop of a very nice hill.

some of the pictures that we took are in the above links. Awesome nature it definitely is !!

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Abhijit said...


Thanks for giving us all this opportunity to enjoy the place (I was among the gang which accompanied Samiir that day)

It was really a great experience for me too, since it was my first monsoon trek after many years.....

BTW the imagestation link may not work..