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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Halady - Where I hail from

Mangalore is my native place. For all practical purposes, it is. I was born here. I lived here with my maternal grandparents for a couple of years when I was a kid. But Halady is the place which gives me my surname. For 4 generations noone from my family had been to this place.

When I fell ill, an astrologer told me about this village. Some incidents are difficult to believe leave along comprehend. But when it happens to you, there is no choice but to believe.

The astrologer told us about an ancestral temple along the banks of a river. The deity of the temple was the mother Goddess. He also told us that for four generations none from our family have visited this place and the Goddess wants us back. Well difficult to believe, but there could be an element of truth in it. Our surnames are derived from the name of the villages where we hail from. So we went to the village. On inquiry we actually reached a dilapidated temple as accurately described by the astrologer. Now there was no option but the believe the story. The description was so accurate and the place was several kilometres away from the location of the guy who predicted its existence.

Well adventures need not be only those with physical exersion. They come in all packages and sizes.

There is a legend behind this temple and the village which is quite fascinating in itself. The legend seems difficult to believe but then it has happened to me........


Roshan Varghese said...

Hi Sameer
just dropped in to say a hello and enquire hoe you were doing. I am from the PD space in the business part of it . A dental professional by training working with Baxter in their PD business. Have really seen PD make a big difference in the life of many patients around . Just wanted to ear from you on your experience on Dialysis .
Prayers ,regards

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