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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Bheemgad / Bhivgad

The last few weeks have been very stressful and there have been so many developments that I have not been able to post anything in here. There were lot of complications healthwise. Though the developments have not been very difficult, the pain in the abdomen due to the stone in the right kidney is quite bad. I am used to sleep sideways but now the pain is such that I am not able to sleep on the right side. As a result, the sleep that I get at nights is not sufficient. To add to it is the fact that my dialysis now starts at around 11pm and goes on well into dawn. Hence, sleep is compromised even further.

The stress at work has not reduced in any ways and all the above factors make it a tough proposition. Given this back ground I badly needed a break. And what better way to have a break than go trekking. We decided on a small trek, supposedly only an hour of hiking. But we were not aware of the level of difficulty. It was good that we were just four of us. The trek was immensely enjoyable though there were areas where the climb was tricky. It was a good decision that we had not invited the less proficient trekkers in the group to join in.

We started early in the morning and instead of the usual 440 am local to Karjat we took the Indrayani Express that leaves an hour later but reaches around the same time. We had breakfast at Karjat and travelled to Vadap by 830. Frolicking along the way, pulling each others legs we started the trek to Bheemgad. We reached a diversion at around 10 am where we had to decide whether to take a right turn or a left. We took the right and were moving ahead in the tricky terrain till a group of villagers informed us that we were on our way to Dhak plateau which was not our destination. We then came down quite a long way and took the left turn to Bheemgad.There are no remnants of any fort here but the view is amazing. The 360 degree view is such that the whole area is in sight and thus this is a strategic point to monitor movements in the whole area.

We were back to Karjat at 12 and took the 1215 local train to Mumbai.

The whole note started with the stress and is ending on a positive note with the end of a very enjoyable trek. The same was the condition of the mind. It was more relaxed, more happy and moreover content. Thanks to the trek to Bheemgad


sonal said...

Great determination you have samiir! really, whats your secret?

Anonymous said...

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Agent M said...

Keep going Samiir! I happened to come across your blog through Indibloggies. Its quite a read! It was amazing to read about your struggle, the amount of determination and hope you have, and also your wonderful optimism. I've added a bit of prayers for you from my side. God bless you. All the best!

Ashutosh said...

Hi Samiir,

I hope that this trek proves to be a stress buster for me as well. I am really looking forward to it.


Raju said...

Hi Samiir,

Great efforts and determination by you. You are really an inspiration for all of us dialysis candidates.

Raju Nagaraj

Raju said...

Hi Samiir,
Great efforts by you. An excellent inspiration for dialysis candidates like us.

Raju Nagaraj