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Monday, 28 September 2009


I have been trekking for several years now. Almost 20 to be precise. One thing we have always been proud about. We never litter the place. We dont make undue noise. Essentially we dont do anything that will disturb the environment or any locals that live there.

For the last couple of years we have been building a trekking group along the above lines. It has been a great experience. We had planned an overnight trek last weekend. I have been travelling continuously and hence was feeling tired and had slight fever on friday night. As a result, I dropped out of the trek.

The trek was great fun and I missed it. However, one thing that happened was totally contrary to the beliefs around which our group was functioning. We never get drunk on treks and we never create a ruckus so as to disturb the locals especially if it is an overnight trek.

I heard this happened this time. And I was not around when it happened. So I have to depend on hearsay.

But one thing is sure. I have gone wrong somewhere. Somewhere I made a mistake in choosing group members, reposing trust in members who I thought shared my vision of trekking. I really need to do a rethink on the whole process of allowing people to trek with me who would respect the environment and the lives of people who live in those mountains.

I really need to give this a thought

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