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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Truly Complete

We have often gone trekking when it has been raining heavily. Lots of new comers drop out of treks only because its raining heavily. But we go on. The trek needs to be completed, come what may.

What I have seen is that most of the times these treks turn out to be the most enjoyable and hence memorable. The thrill is more, the fun is more and when we complete the trek the feeling is more complete !

Life on dialysis can be compared to such a situation. Our aims and ambitions in life remain, just the situation is suddenly so much more adverse. But the adventure remains. Life has in store for us so many more surprises, hence the uncertainty is much more. This makes the whole journey so much more thrilling and captivating.

And despite these odds, if I am able to fulfill my ambitions, I am sure I will feel so much more content and happy. And yes truly Complete ! I hope and pray that I am able to do that.

It will be really worth the effort !

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