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Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Silver Lining

There are friends we make in school. There are friends that we studied together with in college and then there are the ones who started off as professional acquaintances at work. But the friends we have lived with (who were also neighbours) are special.

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining
What we share is not limited to school, college or workplace. We went to school together, played together, fought with each other, beaten each other, teased, had fun, had our first parties together, fell in love with same girls at the same time.... well we grew up with each other.

There was a time when we used to meet everyday, spend half the day with each other. Today we are at a stage where we meet after months and yet the bonding is intact. Its like there was never a time lag.

I met one such friend today. and yes we were sharing our situations in life.

Our concerns in life were so different. My friend was talking about his daughter, her varied talents, her brand new facebook profile, retirement planning, where to invest, loan repayment etc.

I felt very nice and proud that my friend was really doing so well in life. So much was really happening. He was looking to the future. Dreams Galore !

Once I was back home I just thought about myself.

I dont have much savings. Whatever savings I could do is spent on my treatment and medicines. I can feel my body ageing prematurely due to dialysis. (14 years now). There is so much uncertainty about the future that I cant even plan for the next day.

Frankly for me it is a fight for survival.

But like every cloud there was a silver lining.

I am living in the present , and enjoying each  moment !

I am living a full Life

1 comment:

Vasundhara Raghavan said...

I read this before. Today I had a different take. Seeing you wondering about your life, and your mind saying you are happy as you are, leaves me amazed at the clarity in that single thought.