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Sunday, 15 June 2008

Aborted Transplant

I got a call for a transplant on tuesday. I was asked to be starving and everything was kept ready so that I could go on the surgery table at 4 pm.

At 330 I was informed by the hospital authorities that the relatives of the donor whose cadaver I was to get have changed their decision to donate.

I was upset.....very upset. The last time around as well I missed out on a surgery, but this time no one got the organ. That was most depressing. I came home. Had a bit of rest and then went off to see a movie. That was the best decision I could take then. It also turned out to be a good decision as I felt nice after watching the movie. It was a welcome break from the rigours of the daily routine.

But I really needed to have some fun. I needed to make the most of the opportunity that not having a transplant offered. Being monsoons the mountains are really beautiful and ester is available in plenty.

Nothing better to do than go for a trek and I decided to go to my favourite place Kotligad.

This decision happened on friday and we had to leave on saturday. Hence, it was difficult for people to take time off at such a short notice. However, as luck would have it, five guys confirmed their participation. It was a great trip. The photos are yet to be uploaded. Hence I will write about it when they are up. As a result everyone can see the pictures along with the description of the trek as well as enjoy the pristine beauty of this wonderful watch tower / fort.


Aparna Pai said...

Life moves on!! Make the best of it

Kamal Shah said...

Hard luck Samiir! 'm sure you will get an other call soon.

I got a call a few days back too. Unfortunately, I could not go ahead because my immunosuppression details were not clear.

All the best!

Jeff said...

We have a saying in the US that when one door closes another opens, and a belief that everything happens for a reason. I had 7 calls/"offers" for a kidney before I finally got one. The 6th offer was from a lady older than I, and was turned down by my surgeon because the donor had a history of a bone tumor. I was very disappointed, but it turned out that the 7th offer was the kidney I received, and it was well worth the wait. The kidney was from a 16 year old, and my surgeon said it was "pristine".

My point is that when the previous calls didn't work out, maybe it's because the kidney you eventually get will be better than the others.