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Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Some people really dont

While we are so obsessed with our normal functions, we are at times very insensitive towards what others in our midst are going through.

Last week I had to get hospitalised due to an infection. Some incidents were so funny and at the same time stark.

When i got admitted as usual one ward boy came with a urine pot and told me to store my urine in the same for testing. i politely informed that the same was not required as i do not pass any urine. With surprise written large on his face he left. Maybe it was difficult for him to believe.

The next day, another ward boy (duties change with shifts) came and asked me why i havent kept any urine sample in the pot for testing. The aggression in the tone was itself very disturbing. Howqever, i again laughed it off saying "Bhai i do not pass any urine"

In the evening again there was a change of duties and this time it was a nursing staff who came with a similar query. " Why dont you store your urine in that pot" Now it might have so transpired that the nursing staff had admonished the ward boy and now taken it upon himself to ensure compliance that the patient would save a urine sample for testing purpose. That was his holy duty to do the same and no force on earth could stop him from doing so.

From my side as well there was the same response. However, my mother who was witness to these happenings got a bit irritated. She pointed it out to the dutiful nursing staff that the earlier ward boys were informed that no urine is passed and hence the issue of storing the urine does not arise.

We requested the nursing staff to make a note of the same in the patient register so that no one has to go through the ignominy of asking me for the urine for testing.

The next morning at around 530 a.m.

I was fast asleep. This ward boy wakes me up rudely "Pishab kidhar hai"

I replied half asleep " No sample for you"

He responded "Looks like you havent passed urine for the whole night"

Me: " Not only for the whole night but for the last 3 years "

He (Absolutely stunned): " Arre.......havent you told this to some doctor"

I woke up and shouted at him ........... how many times have i told you that i dont pass any urine.........thats the reason i need to take you realise how much it hurts when you ask me why i dont pass any urine............i really dont know. Doctors too dont know. But they have a word for it....idiopathic.........but yes, it hurts ..........especially in hospital where people are supposed to know.

It hurts like hell...........Many people really dont pass any urine.......


Abhijit said...

Yes its a hurting incident.

Rather its the kind of attitude we all carry that the whole world is like us...

And someone who is not like us, is a sample for the museum..

We all need to understand that in this world each one is unique in his or her own style, and the fun lies in enjoying this uniqueness...

Priyankeshu said...

some things in life.. you just cant help it.. gotta face em..

Tripti said...

People are insensitive many times.
At times it['s ignorance and other times an I-don't-care-attitude. Hospitals should educate their staff. It's really sad that people have to go through things like this.