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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Why I trek

All of us have some moments in life that we cherish and feel happy about whenever we think of them. There are the times when we have are exhilarated and ecstatic about something in life. Interestingly these are also the times when we are thinking about nothing. The feeling of nothingness stems from a state of non desire. This is about self actualisation. We are so satisfied that we dont need anything more in life.

Being on dialysis for a while now, we get to see so much suffering, so much pain, so much agony, so much trauma that these moments to cherish are very rare.

Nature in its own way is so beautiful that in return for the exertion in trekking it offers some beautiful moments. The mountains, the valleys, how they complement each other. The good times and the bad times similarly.

The Heat of summer and the chill of winter and the wetness of the monsoon in the tropical areas complement each other. The moods that we have similarly.

The water of the rivers, the fire of the forests, the mud of the countryside all complement each other.

The balance is so sublime the beauty so pristine. When I trek I am stunned by the beauty of nature into a state of nothing ness. Each moment a unique experience to be cherished for a lifetime.


tripti said...

This post is very touching. :-)

Anonymous said...

Well now i know why people have told u to write poetry...well i ain't any expert on poetry...but ya surely on prose..u do write well & continue to do. U do have that management thingy abt goals, determination, resilience etc etc

mm...bcoz when i began trekking it was was SIMPLE -economical way to travel. Haa kisi ne kata to that mukhe ke mein itna chal pati..Later i continued wt trekking yes even during my broadcast journo days..despite Kartik's & Chetan's opposition. Coz they wld wonder why im exerting myself so much on a holiday.

Didn't ever think holiday shld be luxurious! I learnt trekking brought me closer to earth -wc i love. Anything to do wt this earth i am rooted to. Plus it taught me to be independent, secure, fearless & more important have faith, value things on face. I do NOT the meaning of fear since the time my father sent me off alone to Kashmir for a month in 1987!...yeah unheard of..will tell u more on it.

BUt its go on top & feel the bloods rush to ur temples, the winds hit into ur chest..but it involves sooooo much of pain & hardwork...then i feel saale mote log us bichere pony par chad ke jaa rahe hai aur mei Himalaya mei akeli chal rahi hu.. lekin haa ek maza hota hai, thrill, more than that KICK up ur arse man!