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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Friends and Poetry

Friends are a real pillar of support in our bad times. They are the ones that keep you going when the going is tough. There are others who categorise you as close but disappear when they are really needed.

Everyone has all kinds of friends. It is upto us whom to be in touch with, whom to keep at a distance and whom to avoid totally. It is also upto us whose advise to take seriously, and whose not to.

I have got rave reviews from friends who follow my posts in this blog. Most of them appreciate my style of writing. Some prefer to read the shorter reflective posts while others prefer the long descriptive ones. Many of my friends tell me that those descriptive ones take them to the venue of the incident and they can actually visualise the happening. Others prefer my reflective posts because of the "twist in the tail" so to say.

Lots of friends have been suggesting to me to start writing poetry. They opine that I have sufficient command on the language to do so. I do get tempted to attempt that at times. However, I have not yet done so. It is my firm belief that if we can make our prose so beautiful that it sounds like poetry then its a greater achievement. It is like a main course tasting like dessert.

It is difficult to measure how much confidence I derive when my friends give feedback on my posts. Some have subscribed to the posts and I dont even have to remind them to read.

When it comes to close friends, I inform them personally about new posts. Well, I guess they have better things to do than read blogs. Or maybe as the classic hindi saying that goes "Ghar ki murgi daal baraabar"


Abhijit said...


Not a bad idea. May be we will discover a Rabindranath Tagore in you

Reshma said...


Varun H said...

Nice One.. Worth a read..!! :)