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Saturday, 6 September 2008

Why I trek 2

With a state of health like chronic renal failure and the problems that occur with regular dialysis it is very tough to live life normally. We also have our own ambitions etc. which normally take a back seat. These constraints become a bit too much for us to face life and move on at a pace that is natural to our potential.

But then the goals remain. Whatever the constraints.

During trekking too we reach a point of no return. A place from where there is no going back. We have a tough way ahead of us. Yet our physical self is exhausted and does not have much left to reach the goal (summit)

In such times, we delve deep in our reserves and get out that hidden energy. We do not even know most of the times that so much additional energy is stored in us. Its a mind game. Getting that emotional and mental strength out when it is absolutely essential.

It is quite the same with life on dialysis

1 comment:

Reshma said...

Well written :) Completely agree with you. We surprise ourselves during every such experience by handling it much better than we think we would, don't we? Thatz what positivity does to us i suppose...