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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Meaningful Relationships - Our school friends

After meeting on facebook, we were all looking forward to meeting each other in person. Some of them after a whole 21 years.

After a couple of attempts that didnt work out due to busy schedules of everyone, we finally managed to meet up last night. We met at a club on the sea face. Everyone is doing well in their careers. But that was never even discussed. We were just talking about our memorable moments in school, our bondings, our good times and how we have changed over the years in looks, in mannerisms and everything else that encompasses our personalities.

Everyone has gone their own ways, but when we met there was a warm feeling of deja vu. There was a huge gap of time, but it was as if time had stopped and even retarded as we never felt as if we were out of touch. The bonding was there without any effort. The conversations flowed as if they had never stopped. It was like a dream.

I guess when we are in school, we make friends in the truest sense of the word. There are no strings attached. We are not looking for meaning in the relationship. Its just a relationship. It exists and we enjoy it. We dont question these relationships. We dont judge. We accept our classmates as friends without any "tangible" reason. Its plan and simple "friendship"

Isnt it so beautiful.

Relationships are really so much meaningful when we dont try to see meaning in them.


Anu said...

after reading your blog i am missing my school mates very much.any snaps you can share i would love to see it.

Rakesh Purohit

tripti said...


sutradhaar said...

Great note. It must have been fantastic. Wish I had been there. Do let me know the next time its on. Will definitely make it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Samir, I am sure you all must have had a great time catching up, I missed out, but the pictures are great, Really we all have moved on and its really feels great to see you all again in the picture, The good old School time was fun and we never had to worry of things much, Do live in Mumbai? I am in Australia with my Family. I think Poras and one more class mate lives here.


Huang Te Young (Tak Wong)