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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The Slog Overs

When we are under pressure, we tend to focus on the job at hand. One of my idols Swami Vivekananda had said that " If you are born make a mark before you leave" Through my behaviour and ethic, I have always tried to be pleasant and I believe that most people remember me fondly. I would like to believe that my personal credibility is high and people hold me in esteem.

Due to my illness I have cut off my love interests because I would not be fair to the person. Now my interests focus on doing well professionally. I need to make a mark in my professional domain.

It keeps troubling me that the person whom I am fond of will never know of my feelings and also that I will have a match with her.

Despite that I am doing all that I can to fight it out to the best of my ability. I am doing all that I can to professionally perform like a normal healthy person. It might not be possible all the time, but I think I am able to manage quite well.

It is very important to me. Even more important now. The slog overs have started. I need to hit at the maximum possible balls without getting out. I need to play out the maximum number of balls to win this match.

This may be the last chance to make a mark


Abhijit said...

Are you losing hope or getting fatalistic?

You have lots of things to do in this world...

Life is not a one day match with slog overs, its a test match with many innings...


Nicky said...

If you do have feelings for someone, it is better that you express them and also let the person know of your lifestyle. I am sure any girl would understand.

I think every person deserves to be loved, never mind his/her abilities.

No one knows what will happen tomorrow - A healthy person might have a road accident and die. We don't really have a choice on deciding how long we live. We can however decide how we live.

There is a saying in telugu (my mother tongue) , it's better to live as a swan for a few days than to live as a crow for eternity.