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Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Tikona is a fort thats located on a mountain that looks triangular from a distance. I have been fascinated with this triangular shaped structure every time I see it from the top of Lohagad.

So this time I planned a trek to the place. We took a car from Mumbai and went by the old highway. Due to the convenience offered by the Mumbai- Pune Express highway, we forgotten the scenic beauty of the old highway. It was a refreshing change.

We took a turn at Kamshet toward the Pavna Dam. This fort offers a nice view of the dam and the lake that surrounds it. We went ahead of Kale Colony and got off at a village called Gevande and the villagers directed us along a dirt track. There is a way that goes between two mountains. The climb to the fort starts from here. When we look at a triangular shaped hill, the obvious connotation is that it could be a tough climb. However, there was no climb involved here. It was a nice inclined walk. The scenery was very beautiful and the uniqueness was that it offered a nice scene on both the sides. It was really breathtaking. The path is well defined and there is no probability of anyone losing their way. Also since it is relatively cut off from urbanity, the crowds are absent. There is a beautiful temple of Lord Shiva at the top. When I peeked into the temple I could feel the most amazing positive vibrations emanating from the place. Despite the dilapidation, the place was abound with positive energy and stood proof of the fact that maybe the place had been used for worship of the divine for several centuries. The lake was also nice.

We were walking in the clouds. However, due to the cloud cover the visibility was poor and hence we were not able to enjoy the beautiful sight of the Pawna lake from the top.

After a quick bite, we started our descent. While descending we realised how steep the staircase was that led us to the final precincts of the fort.

I was really happy to see a little 2 and a half year old on the fort. It was nice that parents are encouraging their little ones to enjoy nature at such a tender age.

Well the way down was over in no time. As it was raining the rocks were slightly slippery but that is part of the deal of treks in the monsoon.

On our way back we stopped by for some good old 'chai' and a quick halt at the Chitrapur Math at Karla.

We were back home by around 9 p.m.

It was a long day. But sometimes long days dont really make us tired. When it comes to some days we wish they never end.....

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Narendra Pingle said...

How do you maintain all these minute details about your trek?
I ofter saw people going for a trek and next year forgetting the root how to reach there. :)