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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Who Knows

I have been regularly blogging for almost two years now. I have got tremendous response to my blog posts. It has really made a huge difference to the quality of life that I life. Maybe not so much in the way that life has to offer but in the way that I take on the bull by its horns/

The blogging experience has firstly revealed to me a side of my personality that I was never aware of. I knew I was a reflective person but I never realised that I could write well.

I have been very happy to know that my writings have been inspiring and have helped many to face situations that life has to offer in a more positive manner.

I have also received accolades for my blog. I have been covered in a Mumbai Newspaper. I receive emails from new people all over the world inquiring about how I face my illness.

This activity gives me a great medium to express myself, my inner feelings, the weak moments that I face in life as well as everything that keeps me going on and weathering the storm. It has given me a tremendous boost not only in terms of my self esteem and confidence but also physically. As they say its all in the mind.

Lately I have become more irregular on the blog as I have been really extremely busy with work and other activities. But I am sure about one thing. I will continue to express myself through this blog.

In fact some friends have been wanting me to write a book on what I went through when I knew about my ailment and how I managed to take it in my stride and move on.

I need to start focusing on that.

We never know how much time we have.

But what the hell...... Who knows?

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