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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Dreams - Car

I had a few dreams. One was to own a car and another was to own a good Digital SLR Camera.

In 2002 March, it was when I decided that I would go in for a car, if not a new one at least a second hand one. My friends suggested a second hand one to start off with as I didnt have any experience of driving.

One of my close friends had just purchased a second hand car from a company and I called them up to take an appointment.

Since saturday was a holiday, I took an appointment for saturday.

However, on a friday, I had a swollen finger and I visited the local doctor to get it examined. He felt the thumb (base of the thumb) and realised my pulse was very high. He measured my blood pressure. It was 190/130

Well it meant I needed to rest. The rest all by itself didnt help so we went in for investigations that indicated an incurable kidney disease.

All my dreams were rudely jolted. All my attentions moved to getting my condition treated.

At that point in time I had a job but subsequently it all changed.

I was struggling and fighting for building a career from scratch. By this time I had started on dialysis and it was a tough time. Very few people were ready to employ me. My dreams became more and more distant. It  was tough going.

Slowly but surely, I was fighting it out. Progress was slow but it was there.

One fine day, I realised I was in a position to make one of my dreams come true. This was in Jan2011. 

I went in for a Hyundai i10 brand new car.

A Brand New Car - When my original dream was to own a second hand car

Dreams do come true in style !!

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