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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Mind over Matter

I have written about my heel some time back. I did a lot of exercises after which the pain receded. I was also wearing some special footwear to correct my flat foot.

That is when I did Harishchandragad, where I was slow intentionally, but the pain was bearable.

I continued with the physiotherapy exercises and the pain receded further. That is when I went to Tung.

This was a much more rocky path as compared to Harishchandragad, plus it was much hotter.

As I was climbing the pain recurred and it hurt like hell. I was least expecting this to happen. My walking speed got very slow and it was very difficult to keep every step forward.

I was leading this trek and it was important for me to at least reach a certain point where the fort started.

I could not take pain killers mainly as I am on dialysis and it will hurt my kidneys further.

The route was also totally exposed without any tree cover and the rocks were getting very hot.

Somehow, i delved deep into my reserves. Somehow I told myself that I could not give up. Somehow, I hung in there.

I pushed myself every step, taking the pain as if it was a part of me. It was tough but then I had to reach at least the ramparts of the fort.

I stopped looking at the beautiful surroundings (which I normally do and believe is the essence of trekking). I focused on the route and slowly but finally made it.

View from the Ramparts of the Fort

I requested the group to move on and reach the summit while I waited at the temple.

On the way back as well it was as painful, I guess it was more painful as the foot was landing on the heel a lot of times and the pain would go up through my leg upto my knee and put a lot of pressure in that area.

Due to the heat and the direct sun hitting us, I was dehydrated and went low on BP. Luckily we had enough fluids, salt and sugar to compensate for the lost nutrients.

Me Negotiating the Rocks in the Hot Sun

I was slow. The rocky stretches I just sat and did Butt Trekking. My good friends Ashwin Kini and Rahul Suryawanshi were always by my side.

I was slow, but I was sure on my step. I didnt slip even once. I was lucky given that my foot was in a bad condition. But I managed to.....Managed to complete the trek.

As an afterthought I felt, maybe this time I didnt trek with my body. I trekked with my mind !!

As someone famously said (I think Mark Twain), If you dont mind....It doesnt Matter !!

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