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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Pain in the Back

My first few treks on CRF were a dream. Then there was Peb.

Peb was a tough trek, we ventured to attempt it.......successfully. 

However, my footwear was not upto the mark. My earlier trekking shoes as well as a sandal that I was using had worn out. I needed to go in for new footwear. I thought of buying a pair of sandals as it is much more comfortable for monsoon treks. We have to cross a few streams in the mountains always and shoes get wet and uncomfortable if the water seeps in. The sandals are much more comfortable.

I purchased a set of locally made sandals. The grooves in the sole were deep and therefore I assumed that the grip would be good. 

But Peb was a different ball game altogether. This was the first trek where I used my new sandals. And The route was really tough. We had to climb up a flowing rivulet. Plus there was a rock patch which we had to negotiate. There were areas which were extremely slippery and made it difficult to get a grip on the rock. I slipped and fell a couple of times. One fall was definitely more painful than normal. I landed on my butt but I realised something was wrong when I tried to stand up. The pain was quite unbearable.

Once back home, the body ache that happens during the trek disappeared like it normally does but the pain in the backside persisted.

I met a orthopedic surgeon who suggested I go in for an X Ray. 

The tail bone (coccyx) had dislocated.

The doctor felt that it was too minor and the pain could be borne with. Since I am a kidney patient, that too on dialysis,  it was not advisable to go in for pain killers.

But I could continue trekking like before, just that I had to bear with the pain.

I suddenly realised the true meaning of "Pain in the Back"

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