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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Ambernath - Lord of the Skies (Top of the World)

I had avoided doing strenuous activity due to two reasons

The first one was that it was summer and its too  hot to trek. The second reason being that my foot was bad and I was really unable to trek myself (I missed a few treks towards the end of last season)

But V Hikerz and myself needed to continue with our activities. So for the summer we planned a few non-strenuous activities. Four of them to be specific. They were the Velas Turtle Festival, The Camping trip to Pawna Lake, Photoshoot of heritage buildings at Fort area and the trip to Ambernath to see the ancient temple there.

I will share my experience about all the three starting with the last one, the Ambreshwar Temple at Ambernath

This was also the only event that was a private one (We didnt announce it on V Hikerz as we felt everyone might not be interested in it)

We left early in the morning at around 6 am. There was a slight delay on account of few members waking up late (normally never happens during a trek)

I drove my car and another sub-group travelled to a common point where we joined forces and traveled together.

The road was bad in patches and specially the road from Dombivali to Ambernath had so many speed breakers that we couldnt believe it was a state highway !

As we drove through the lanes and then the bye lanes of this idyllic town, we suddenly could see this beautiful temple carved out in jet black stone. The difference was too stunning to believe, as if we were suddenly transported into an ancient era. What stopped us from believing we were ancient is the other tourists / devotees who were also wearing normal attire of shirts and trousers :P

The temple itself is in decent condition. This is in comparison to other ancient temples I have been to and the amount of weathering / damage that has happened to its walls. Also the temple is still functional, which means there is a person who regularly worships the deity.

The vibrations inside the temple were indeed very energising and the whole effort of travelling so early in the morning seemed to have been worthwhile.

We took some photographs of the temple (incidentally forbidden) and left the place. We stopped by for breakfast at a restaurant and then drove back home (just in time for lunch)

While driving back one thought kept crossing my mind. Ambernath literally means the Lord of the Skies.

Well that was how I was feeling when we drove back.

Top of the World !!!

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