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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Challenges Motivate

There was a time when doctors had told me that I shouldnt trek. Some had even gone to the extent of saying that I would not be able to trek. Never ever !

For a while I believed it to be so. This was I feel the worst thing to have happened to me.

But then Kidney Failure and dialysis are tough situations to go through. They sap you of all energy and it gets almost impossible to start believing in oneself. But I was not enjoying that life, in fact I felt I was not living at all.

I just was missing this so badly that I suggested a trek to some friends and they agreed.

I just went for a trek and it clicked. Yes it was tiring, it was a super effort initially, it was tough, but I made it. I could not live without trekking in the mountains.

The challenge of doing something that others felt was not possible for me to do kept me going.

Today there is another challenge for me. Vascular Calcification (deposition of calcium on muscles and bones) in my feet combined with Plantar Fascitis.

Well my feet ache and sometimes even pain as hell. I am doing some physiotherapy exercises to reduce the pain. They work but one fine day it all flares up again.

Frankly I dont know whether I will be able to go into the mountains again. But then I keep doing the exercises. Its just a matter of not letting go.

If kidney failure and living on dialysis could not stop me from going for treks, maybe this is a far less serious issue to stop me.

I am again not enjoying life. I feel as if I am not living to the full.

Maybe all I need to do is just join a trek. It would be tough, tiring, a super effort initially, but somehow I might just be able to do it

After all Challenges have always motivated me


magiceye said...

Best wishes Samir!! Am sure you will overcome this challenge too!! A true mountaineer!!

Good on you!!

Chaithanya Hoskote said...

Your comments have a lot of motivation for me.Hv been an avid trekker myself from Ruparel days in 1977.Currently am paralysed and at times wonder whether I will be able to trek again.I am 59 yrs old now and have fond memories of trekking in the Sahyadri Range.

Samiir Halady said...

Thanks for your kind words.

It is indeed encouraging to read nice things when you are going through what I am going through