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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

A glass half full - the wrong example

I had gone for my friday dialysis. I was very excited as I had a trek scheduled for sunday. That too to a place which was easy to reach, the trek being easy and the scenery at the place being divine and inspirational.

I expressed my state of mind to a fellow patient. Well that was it.

I got a firing of my life after that. Since I was suffering from end stage kidney disease I was not supposed to exert myself. He felt that he himself was not able to climb four storeys to reach his residence. He wondered how I could go trekking. Not to be satisfied by this, he came across and told me about dire conditions I would need to face while going uphill.

The opinion was that since we are having a kidney issue, we should not live life to the maximum. I am of a different opinion. Yes, we need to take care of our diet etc. but why should we stop living

There is a famous example of a half full glass of water that is always cited. Either you take it as half full or half empty. Unfortunately, the same does not hold for life.

Till we are alive we are 100% alive. There is no such thing as half alive. So till we are alive we need to live it 100%

There is nothing called living life 50%

Either we live life or we dont. I choose. I choose to live!


Nitin "Engineer" Prabhu said...

Good point actually!!! As long as you are confident, and medically there isnt any restriction, I dont see any reason why should should not live life the way you want to!!!

Tripti said...

What you said is true. Did you tell him that? You should have. Just because you aren't well doesn't mean you sit at home and mope around or pity yourself. I admire the way you live. Your courage and determination is very inspiring. :-) Keep it up. Don't listen to his views. Don't try to change them either, but tell him your views. :-) Take care.

Knowitall, kinda... said...

Well said samiir, am glad to know someone who is facing this bravely. My M-I-L has one funda in life... theres a saying in marathi "khaain tupashi - nahi tar rahin upashi!". When I think of it, people with no problems too go out of their way to even "better" themselves...i am one of them...i know i am doomed...

You do what you like but dont forget to take care of yourself.

Aparna Pai said...

Go On my friend!!