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Tuesday, 15 July 2008

VanVihar - Your home in the forest


Bhimashankar is a great trek. It is one place that has always held a lot of awe in my mind. According to me the route is one of the most scenic ones in the region. It was also a long trek and hence a test of endurance. It passed through a dense forest and one could get a true taste of the tropical rain forest.

To save on time we stayed at a place called Kondana around 30 km from the base point. This helped us get some well deserved rest after a gruelling week at work.

VanVihar offered us this chance to rest before the trek. At a very reasonable rate, we got to stay in a rustic Indian village kind of environment. The cost of food was also included in the tariff. There was a fearsome dog guarding the place. The floor was smeared with cow dung. The room was clean though the interiors had the feel of an Indian village home. The owner of the place himself took care of all of us.

The food had a limited spread, just like it is at home, it was cooked well without too much spice yet tasty, again the hallmark of home cooked food.

The Gogate's who own this place say that this kind of setting without mobile phones, vehicles and other urban amenities to disturb help in busting stress. Well, we spent a night there and found ourselves quite relaxed for the long trek ahead. It was indeed a home in the forest

The numbers to contact in case you visit this place are 0091 2148 222930 / 226844

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