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Friday, 4 July 2008

Lohagad beckons


Lohagad was also one of my favourite spots. Basically because it offers a most beautiful view for a next to nothing effort. This was hence an ideal spot for first timers to trekking. Also the monsoons add some glamour to the mountains with its greenery and the moistness.

We were to start very early. The driver of the vehicle that we had booked turned up late and the whole plan went for a huge toss.

We reached Bhaje from where the trek starts and started trekking around 9 am. According to the original plan we were to start trekking at 7 am.

The Bhaje waterfalls were a sight to behold but nothing more than that as we were behind schedule. We had to complete the trek, return home early enough so that we could all work the next day.

The view on either side was beautiful and the awesome twin forts of Lohagad and Visapur were looking majestic in the fog and the rain.

The fields on the mountains were also unique in the way the inclined land was converted into flat strips for cultivation.

We got to see some beautiful flora on the way the best being the flower that I have captured on my camera.

At this time, very stealthily hunger pangs were attacking us. We had had no breakfast. Hema kept asking for the kanda poha that I had told her aboutand it was quite a wait before we reached the joint where I had my best kanda poha ever. We also decided to reduce the weight in our bags by eating some food stuffs that we carried from home along with good old chai.

The steps to the fort were quite high. One of us found the going tough (due to the weight and girth). The rains were blessing us from the skies and the clouds / fog caressing us all over.

The view of the Pawna lake from the steps of Lohagad was breath taking to say the least. Some of the stretches had flowing water which was the only real adventure in this trek.

This time we were carrying lots of glucose and hence glucose water was the drink of choice. One of the trekkers was carrying a bottle of tang which was also very refreshing when we had lost a lot of fluid.

The tricky issue here for me was to determine how much fluid was lost, as it was raining and very foggy and the sweat would have got lost in the rain. I was scared of consuming more fluids lest it add to my intra dialysis weight gain. Whichever way, it was definitely more easy to trek when it was raining rather than when it was sunny.

At one point on the fort, we observed a unique phenomenon. Due to the gusts of wind water from a waterfall was flying upwards when it should have been falling to the base of the fort. It was like a huge natural spray and was most refreshing to get drenched in.

We looked around the fort in extremely poor visibility and intense fog. But I guess it added to the beauty and the ambience.

I was really enjoying myself. Really living life to the fullest. Living 100%. Because I had chosen. Chosen to live!!

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