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Friday, 5 March 2010

Accept the Situation

The hairline was a blow to my trekking plans. But I had to take it in my stride. Yes it hurt. Every step was painful. Everytime I stood on my own feet it hurt.

But I chose to do just that. Just as I had all the time.

For Kidney patients, analgesics (pain killers) are poison. So the only analgesic I was allowed to use was paracetamol which is a very mild one. It was not something that would give a lot of relief, but nevertheless, I had a choice.

I exercised that choice. I chose not to take any painkillers. I decided to take the bull by its horns. This had a logic applied to it.

I have observed that when we dont consume pain killers, the wound heals faster. Or it could be that our body developed a tendency to bear the pain, however intense it may be.

I accepted the pain as being a part of me. Something that was connected to my being. Just like dialysis or my failed kidneys.

When we accept something as it is, somehow from somewhere we get the strength to face it. Tough things become matter of fact. I could walk and live a normal life. The pain in my ankle was sidelined to just some niggle out there somewhere that was now not able to affect me adversely.

So much so that I started believing that the injury had healed. Around 4 days before we were to go to Harishchandragad, I did an X ray. The fracture had healed !! But there was still some swelling in the soft tissue.

I suddenly realised then that there was still some discomfort in my foot, which I needed to rest. I dropped out of Harishchandragad trek. Just to ensure that I could do more treks in future.

But yes, it was a learning that I will never forget.

Any pain, hurt or adverse incident does not affect us if we accept the situation as it is.


reshma said...

Would agree about the pain aspect when it comes to emotional hurt, but physical pain....why should you bear it unnecessarily??? Am quite sure that docs prescribe the dosage of pain killers considering their side effects. You might look at it as a battle of the mind with the body, but if medicine alleviates the discomfort(when its unbearable), i guess therez nothing wrong in it. All that matters is that you stay, my advice would be- Take it when really required rather than resisting it!!!

Forest_ranger said...

@ Reshma

For kidney failure patients there is actually lot of damage done when you take painkillers. None of the painkillers are allowed. The only one that is allowed is Crocin. or another called Tramadol which causes giddiness

Moses Gomes said...


I like you blog, quite informative. I have been working in the area of organ donation for last 8 months and have experienced the lack of awareness in this area.
Have also worked in the area of dialysis... keep up the good work. I hope you become an inspiration for other patients suffering from CKD.


Moses Gomes
twitter: mosesvgomez