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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Redifining Success

With Social Networking and the internet, I have got back in touch with a lot of old friends. Friends whom I know from school days, my undergraduate days, my B-school days as well as old colleagues from my previous organisations.

It is a very nice feeling to know that my friends are doing so well in their respective careers. Some are heading their companies, some are heading the marketing department of hige corporations, others heading business divisions so on and so forth.

It feels really nice to note that my friends are successful.

While speaking to them, one thing is evidently missing. The satisfaction of doing something that is meaningful. I get a feeling that they have got so entangled in the rat race that they really are missing out on doing something meaningful. A couple of them have even admitted as much to me in heart-to-heart conversations have admitted as much.

I lost a lot of years as well as seniority due to my health. Also it is quite a blessing in disguise that I am not married. I have seen the priorities of so many of my friends change post marriage.

It's really tough for me to manage work, rest, dialysis and other activities like trekking and working on building a cadre. That has been my dream ever since I was young. Experimenting on how to build a cadre. A Cadre of leaders.

A system that would generate leaders. I dont know whether I will be successful. Success once used to mean doing well in a job. Getting great designations in the shortest period of time.

Today along with my job, my dialysis, my trekking and other problems, I am also following a dream. Something that means a lot to me.

Success is in doing something that is truly meaningful.

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Unseen Rajasthan said...

The last line is fantastic Samir !! Fantastic post !!