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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Creating History

I have been very active in the social arena since a long time. I was involved with a socio cultural institution for a long time and thereafter some more bodies which were voluntary and whose objectives were to bring the community together.

Somehow most of them didnt take off as they were planned to.

One socio cultural institution is now dominated by the older generation who are averse to new ideas. Any voluntary institution runs because of youhg feet. The youngsters need to be enthusiastic. But if the people who control the activities are not in tune with the pulse of the next generation its a non starter, however good the intentions may be. There is also no intention to allow the younger generation to work independently, allow new ideas to happen as there is insecurity.

There was a group where I was a part of that more or less disintegrated because of the issue of credit, or the lack of it. Any group activity needs the whole group to contribute to its success, but when there is a propoganda to credit success of the group to an individual, then the rest log off, simply. Its good to see a group getting formed afresh in that project and I wish them all the best.

There was another friends circle that started out with good objectives, they got pulled in different directions due to ego issues. For a time the group moved with the majority opinion, but at one point the 'leader' (founder) of the group put his foot down again due to insecurity that others might usurp his position. Again the same story. Insecurity crept in and the leader felt he needed to compete with the group.

Its clear that a leader cant be a competitor. But then what is leadership.

How do you define a leader.

A leader is someone who is supremely confident about himself/herself. He does not feel insecure that someone else is a threat to him. A leader is someone who does not compete with the rest. He doesnt need to .... he is not insecure.

A leader does not compete. He is not a competitor. He is a leader.

This is so much in sync with what Swami Vivekananda once said

"The history of the world is the story of a few men who had faith in themselves"

Hope I can create history some day.

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