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Sunday, 18 April 2010


I have been extremely busy with my work and hence have not been able to write much lately. My schedules have been such that I hardly get enough sleep. In between I had been to Karla twice though the saving grace was that we hadnt trekked due to the heat.

Or Maybe I was missing the treks.I really dont know. But I was feeling quite listless and bored. And weak and uninterested in life.

There were too many things happening in my personal life as well. Lies, betrayal, and rarely have I been in a situation where I dont know whom to trust and whom not to trust. But I guess life presents us with all kinds of new situations all the time.

In the middle of such a situation, I went for dialysis. The moment they started dialysis, both sides of my chest and my lower back started hurting. I called out to the technician and nursing staff at the hospital. Luckily I called out to them just at the right time as by the time they reached my bed, I was totally out of breath. I was unable to talk. I had terrible pain in my lungs as if they were about to burst. Similarly with my lower back. If I remember correctly, this pain was in my kidney area.

I was unable to communicate. I was gasping. Gasping for breath. For life. I felt as if it was all over. Suddenly my visibility became poor. I started progressively seeing less and was extremely scared. I knew I was getting a phone call or maybe I was just dreaming.

What I remember next was that I was sitting. I had an oxygen mask on my face, the phone was ringing and I cancelled it. My finger was having a probe attached to it to measure the saturation and pulse. But somehow I managed to sms the friend who had called 3 times till then.

My intention was just to inform that I was unable to take the call due to my ill health and not because of the misgivings that we had with each other in the last couple of weeks.

I smsed my dad to come to hospital and also my employer that maybe I would not be able to report to work the next day.

I dont know why I did this. I was truly not in my senses. But somehow it was my reflex that I communicated to whoever required about my state.

Slowly, my condition improved. I heard that they had stopped my dialysis for a while and kept me on slow speed dialysis that night.

But as i replied to the sms of one of my concerned friends. I was Alive and Kicking. !!


Kamal D Shah said...

Samiir, what was the reason behind this episode? Was it too much fluid? Too high potassium?

Forest_ranger said...

I really dont know. The funny part was that this started within half a minute of starting dialysis. And they treated me with an efcorlin (which is an anti allergic)