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Sunday, 18 April 2010


After my hairline fracture, V Hikerz went ahead with a couple of treks. The group was not so comfortable going ahead without me, but then the group is alwyas more important than the individual. and the group went ahead with the treks. My foot was now fine. the summer had set in but we wanted to do one small trek to end the season.

Tung was the one.

We started early in the morning and took the vehicle to the base point. On the way to Amby Valley take a detour towards Tung wadi and the trek starts from a Hanuman temple.

We had some inexperienced trekkers with us who started with great enthusiasim. They wanted to reach the top as fast as possible. I guess they wanted to be the first to reach the top.

We were hardly 150 metres on the trek when a couple of the members went breathless. Luckily we had experienced trekkers with us. We coaxed and cajoled them to move on (Its almost done...i can see the walls of the fort) and complete the trek.

Yes the trek was short, but it was really hot. Summer had truly set in. We had told everyone to carry a lot of water, which helped a lot in the ultimate analysis. The Glucose, the tang and everything else that we had carried helped. We had a breath taking view of the Pawna river valley from the top along with a couple of smaller temples. The members who were tired were not feeling better once we had our refreshments.

We started on our way back after a session of jokes and this time there was no issue faced even by the members who were breathless while climbing.

They had paced their descent and planned it better.

Isnt life so much about planning and pacing ourselves to be able to keep running till the end........

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