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Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Challenge

I have seen dialysis from close quarters. Its really tough to face all the time. I have seen some friends lose their lives while on dialysis, very similar conditions to the one I went through last time.

Doctors keep saying that the intention of doing dialysis is to ensure that we can live as normal a life as is possible. However, we need to realise that every round of dialysis is an unique experience and therefore its a different challenge to come back to normal after every such experience. An unconditioned mind can really get nervous and lose their cool and confidence once faced with such experiences.

What is required is the mental strength to let go of the happenings and move on. The challenge is to simply forget whatever happenes as a bad dream and take it in your stride. This is the really difficult part because physically as well as emotionally you are drained of all energy.

What is needed is to dig deep into your mental and spiritual strength to get back into action.

To get back into life in the normal mode. Not just alive but alive and kicking.

At least thats what dialysis is meant to help us do................

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