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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Change and Learning

There have been many ups and downs in life. So much so that the mind has got trained to view any incident as just an incident and not an up or down. This is because even if it is a down in the short term sense of the word, the learning from it is very high. So in a way a "down" is not a down but an "up"

We keep moving from one incident to another, one course to another, from one set of people to another, from one situation to another, from one job to another. We might keep changing internally as well, as they say change is the only constant. Change is irreversible and cant be resisted. The most successful people in my opinion are those who can accept change more easily and learn from each cycle of change that they go through.

Change is truly inevitable. One needs to remember this all the time, and in fact internalise this reality. Nothing lasts for ever.

In my short but full life, I have seen so much change, so much uncertainly, each incident introducing a totally new set of variables, making life a much more interesting and complete experience. Its time for one more change and yes to thank all those who have supported and nourished my learning in this phase.

So in a way change is not the only constant. It has a partner that makes the process of change worthwhile and much richer. Learning...........

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