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Sunday, 19 September 2010


V Hikerz was a very active group. We had been to our regular trekking destinations. Our new members were now more or less accustomed to what trekking was. It was maybe the right time to take to uncharted territory. We thought of going to some place where we had not been before. Sagargad was one such place. It was known as Sagargad due to the wonderful view of the Arabian Sea from its ramparts. Sagar means Sea.

The trek started from Khandale village near Alibag and was around a couple of hours duration. We crossed a stream and then few of us went uphill. Some others waited for a couple of groupies who were to join us from Alibag. It was a wonderful trek. Quite easy and with beautiful scenery. There were no tricky stretches neither were there any dangerous patches. The path was well defined. Also though it was very humid the river towards the middle of the trek was a great relief. We frolicked in the waters for a long time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We took 3 and a half hours to reach the top. The view from the top was also awesome, specially the Vanar Tok which is a pinnacle adjacent to Sagargad. We sat here and had a superb mimicry session by Rama. Rama and myself go back a long way and know each other from almost 18 years. It was the first time in years that I saw him play the mimic. We came back and took the same bus back to Mumbai. Since it was already quite late, we had dinner on the way back.

A trek that was meant to be a couple of hours durations one way (around 5-6 hours totally) took us around 8 hours. It was not the amount of time spent that counted actually. The time was spent in enjoying nature, in frolicking in the flowing waters, in breathing the fresh air that the place had to offer, in getting immersed in the wonderful scenery around the place, in checking out the nooks and corners of the fort. In fact while checking one of the corners, we saw some flowing water coming out of a funnel that was shaped like a cows mouth. This was called the Gow mukh (Cows mouth).

We filled our empty water bottles with this water. It was so sweet, so refreshing so rejuvenating and quite the right temperature (wasnt too chilled nor warm). I am sure it had a huge load of natural minerals (not added artificially as in bottled water)

Bottled Mountain water costs around Rs.25/- a litre in Mumbai on an average.

This one was unlimited and we got it FREE !!

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