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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Introduction to Trekking

Lohagad is a very easy trek. In fact its one of the easiest ones. Hence it is a very popular trekking destination and has also become almost a picnic spot.

There are a few members in V Hikerz who do not enjoy going to Lohagad. The crowds there make it a very noisy place. But the beauty of the place is unquestionable.

Also since it is an easy trek, it becomes a great advertisement for trekking as a hobby. A means to get urbanites to appreciate nature. I have seen so many friends starting off with Lohagad and taking to trekking as if they are a fish in water.

Hence we always have a trek to Lohagad in our itenerary at V Hikerz. This is double important as there is a nice waterfall towards the end of the trek which refreshes the tired limbs.

This year too we planned Lohagad towards the beginning of the season.

We had a whopping number (32 to be precise) for this trek. This was the second trek this season where we had 30 + participants.

It was great fun overall. After my experience at Naneghat I was also very circumspect. I was not sure whether I would be able to trek.

I have been a founding member of V Hikerz and also happen to be one of the most experienced trekkers in the group. I know the routes. If I end up getting cramps or something its an awkward situation to be. I should be the one supporting others who might get tired or develop some problem. Fortunately for me, our group is very understanding. They adjust to my limitations and dont make me feel left out. This was weighing heavily on my mind.

But this time I didnt leave anything to chance. Post dialysis I slept well on saturday, I had lots of water and had hydrated myself enough for the outing.

Luckily I didnt face any issue.

We had a great trek. Though there was no water in the waterfall, the awesome view from the top made up for it. The clouds passing by showing us with a drizzle were the crowning glory. A few inew members really enjoyed the trek.

Maybe there was no rain, maybe there was no water in the falls, maybe it got quite hot at times, but there was a silver lining to the cloud.

A few more people were now introduced to appreciating nature, to the wonderful hobby of trekking........


Ashutosh said...

Totally agree.

Lohgad is a nice and easy trek. Perfect trek to enjoy nature without getting too much physical exertion. I think this can be done twice a year (between monsoons and winters).


Pal said...

Hey Samir,
Your this post told me how strong you are. at the same time the gentleman spirit in you when you say "it is not good if a leader is tired....." you know what you are teh second person that i have seen in my life who is so passionate about something which i really do not enjoy.... to explain... i do not enjoy trekking that much... what i feel is that you go up there after struggling so much with heavy physical exercise... but eventually we have to come down... heheheheh :P but well like i said... after my dad who always keeps telling me how heavenly is it to be there on the top even for some moments.... You have now reminded me of that great feeling when you are feeling the nature from so near.... while reading your blog i thought about all those places where i had gone as a child... (well when i was a kid my father had a chance to force me to join him for several treks) ....
with your blog am living those natural moments again.. thanks you very much...