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Friday, 17 August 2012

Heel Pain

During treks in the last few months, I was getting slower.

My feet were hurting and more so after treks. This pain was normally receding completely within a couple of days but lately the pain was persisting. The heel specially was very painful.

In July this year, I did three treks in as many weekends. The pain was there. But yet the love of the sport kept me going.

However, after the third trek the pain was really bad and I was almost unable to walk. Also surprisingly the pain didnt recede after a while. On the contrary it was getting worse.

My favourite trek is Bhimashankar. V Hikerz had planned it for 18th August. I was looking forward to the trek. When the event was announced as well the pain was terrible.

In the event invite I shared my problem about the pain and remarked that I would be able to join only if the pain was better.

Someone in the group suggested it could be Plantar Fisciitis. This needed attention and some treatment.

I checked online about this condition and found the symptoms to be identical. I was worried.

My first reaction was to call up a friend who is an orthopedic doctor. He suggested I meet a local ortho immediately as the condition needed to be responded to.

I read a lot about this condition and realised that there is an inflamation in the tissue that connects the heel to the finger balls which covers the complete foot from below.

I was worried. Bhimashankar had been announced. I really didnt want to miss out on this one.

My foot had 10 days to recover for Bhimashankar.

It was imperative to rush to the doctor....................

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