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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Trip to Chennai

I take hemodialysis twice a week. Normally on mondays and fridays.

I took the session in Mumbai on monday and left for Chennai on Tuesday. The induction was to start from Wednesday. I thought I would check out the hospital and complete formalities there on tuesday so I could focus on my induction from Wednesday onwards.

Luckily for me Apollo Hospitals was near my office so I decided that I would take my treatment there.

In Chennai local transport is expensive. A ricksha charged me 70 rupees to travel 2.5 km. Again the hospital is around a km away from my work place. My would be colleagues told me that it is better to take a ricksha.

In a way, I guess the rickshas charge that much as people prefer to travel by them even for short distances.

After meeting the HR at my new employers I decided to walk it down to the hospital. It took me around 20 minutes but it was a pleasant evening and I enjoyed the walk.

I had done a lot of groundwork from Mumbai itself so it didnt take me any time to complete the paperwork at the hospital and I was back in the hotel room.

I had my dialysis scheduled for Thursday. I was worried as I was consuming a lot of salt. But somehow did my best to reduce intake.

The hospital experience was unique.

Being a top hospital I was expecting the nursing staff and technicians to know a bit of english. However, to my surprise they didnt.

Fortunately the patient who was taking dialysis on my neighbouring machine helped bridge the language divide and I was able to communicate.

Another issue I had was there was no mobile signal. My friend Sanjay Nadkarni had promised to drop in just in case there was an emergency and he was trying to get in touch. My parents in Mumbai were also worried and were trying to contact me.

the signal used to just appear once in a while and I received several smses. Most of them were missed call notifications. Well that was my only connection with communicable people.

I messaged Sanjay to book a cab for me at 1 am (my dialysis was scheduled to end at that time) and also messaged my parents.

Mysteriously the signal picked up when the taxi guy called me to inform me that he was waiting for me at the hospital gate...

But thereon there were no further adventures. I was picked up at night and dropped off at the hotel.

It was quite late and my boss had offered to pick me up from my hotel at 9 am

It was time to crash out

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