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Monday, 6 August 2012

New Place New Adventure

Who says only treks are adventurous ?

My trip to Chennai was one such adventure.

The start up that I had joined almost went bust and I was in bad shape financially. I had to pick up a job and quick.

I took the first offer that came up and it was a tough decision as it meant a continuous flow of income to meet expenses of my dialysis.

As a part of the induction process, I was required to travel to Chennai for a week. I did try to reduce the duration but it was not feasible. This meant two things

One : I had to depend on outside food (saltless is next to impossible)
Two: I needed to take one round of dialysis in a hospital in Chennai

I have taken dialysis in other centres earlier, but then there was someone from my family with me (was during personal visits)

This was an official visit and there fore I declined my dad's inclination to join me. Also it would have been very tiring for my dad as he is quite old now.

This meant I would be alone for my dialysis.

So I was having a lot of question marks. To add to it the uncertainty of being in a new place (almost alien as I dont have a clue about Tamil as a language)

In addition I would have to contend with the expectations of a new employer.

It was a bit tricky, but then I had to take a decision and I did.

I took up the challenge. Like I have always done.

Well Challenge might not be an appropriate word. Maybe Adventure is...........

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