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Friday, 19 December 2008

Better than the Best

During the course of my job and career, I have tried my level best to compete with healthy individuals on an equal keel. I have never requested any favours with respect to responsibilities except that I leave my workplace at 6 pm on the days I have to go for my dialysis. Even when it came to meeting requirements of clients, I have always ensured that I delight clients with timely work before I tell them about my health problems.

But sometimes I really feel tired. I take my dialysis at nights post working hours. At times it goes on till 1 am and I get to sleep only at around 2 pm. To add to it sometimes I get bad bouts of cramps.I hardly get any sleep sometimes. Yet I go to work in the morning, as if I am a normal person. The other day I was in a similar situation. I hadnt slept at night. I went to work and was in such a bad shape. But as I said I never use the premise of me being on dialysis as a handicap. I dont like to. My lower back was hurting like hell. My blood pressure was so low. At times I blacked out in my seat. It was really scary.

But I had to complete a task at hand. I was focussing on it as much as I could. I completed it at around 1030 pm and then left for the day. The task was now achievable the next day. I left office. I somehow managed to reach home by cab and went off to sleep.

When the task was to be presented to the client, we realised that I had missed out on some of the detailing. Well I really felt guilty. But I had really put in my best effort. Sometimes the body simply does not respond. In fact it revolts.

But then I cant give that as an excuse. Work cant suffer. I have to compete with normal healthy human beings.

I have to better them. Do better than the best!


Shantanu Rao said...

Im Speechless!
Ua Definitely better than the best!
wishing u better than the best luck for the future!
God Bless!

Kamal Shah said...

Hi Samiir,

I understand what you're saying. I appreciate your attitude but at the same time, don't be too harsh on yourself. It is good to aim to excel in everything. But not at the cost of our own mental peace.

I am not asking you to stop working hard. But don't stretch yourself to the point that one morning, you get so tired that you start feeling like giving up.

Take care.