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Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The Terror Strike

The day the strike happened will remain etched in my memory for a long time to come.

I had just had dialysis and was home. My blood pressure was very low and I was feeling extremely weak. There was this one day match between India and England that was happening which was being telecast live. Since the Indian cricket team was in smashing form, even my parents were wholeheartedly watching the match. The normal cribs about having to miss their soaps wasnt there.

When the match got over, I was on the sofa, quite weak and feeling very giddy. I was able to hear loud and clear that India had managed to successfully chase the English total thus leading 5- 0 in the seven match series. Despite the giddiness I was able to see the lost and forlorn face of the English captain leading his team off the field. It was a lost cause. England was one of the best teams in world cricket. Was.

Post the victory, there is usually a long commercial break before the ceremony happens. During this break I normally tune in to news channels and find out the latest happenings.

There was a breaking news in the ticker. It talked about some gang war related firing at the prime terminus in my city. I discounted it as a small happening and kept surfing channels. Another news channel was reporting the same happening along with reports of blasts in a top hotel in the city. This was one of the most reputed hotels and an iconic one at that.

These two incidents could not have been a coincidence.They were barely a couple of kms away from each other. The other incident of firing was also in the vicinity of the same hotel. This was not gangwar.

And then we heard a blast that shook our house. We started getting calls from our neighbours. We were sure this was something big. Something we had not experienced in my 35 years of life in this city.

I forgot that I just had dialysis. I was planning to sleep immediately after the match. I was feeling giddy. I was not able to sit straight due to the low blood pressure. Was.

No more. Everything else was forgotten. Except for the attack.

This was a defining moment in the history of the world. It was happening barely a few kms from where I was.

This was definitely not an underworld gangwar. The underworld was not openly involved.They were killing innocents. This was not by any gang

It was War!! a continuation of the proxy war.

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