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Thursday, 25 December 2008

The Bonus Life

The process of hemodialysis can be very painful at times. The last time I was having dialysis, my BP dropped to less than 50 and I was not able to even see the face of the nurse who was attending to me. Then the pressure went so low that I vomitted. The vomit itself would have weighed around a kilogram. My weight reduction was so high that it was around 25% more than the actual weight gain. When I came home I could feel the dehydration. And I was not able to sleep the whole night as I was getting bad bouts of cramps.

The lower back was paining like hell. But then these things happen. they are part and parcel of the process.

The other typical problem that occurs is rigours. There is violent trembling of the body and its like the body is revolting the process of dialysis. This invariably ends with high temperature and terrible weakness.

Well these are just some of the problems that occur during dialysis. The pain areas are quite a few. Someone asked me "Why dialysis?"

Well in the earlier days the moment you had a kidney failure it meant the end of everything. The life expectancy wasnt there beyond a time. Dialysis means extending that life span. It is a process that lets you live beyond your time.

Life goes on. At least dialysis helps you go on in life. Even though it does not ensure a great quality of living, it keeps you going. It keeps you alive when otherwise you would be no longer alive to enjoy the fruits of life.

Life on Dialysis is like a bonus. And when we are on a bonus life span we should just enjoy.

In fact not just enjoy.....Celebrate.....Celebrate Life!!!


Anonymous said...

Sameer- is HD painful - I mean the needle poking etc? My father age 77yrs will soon be going through HD..hence asked.


Samiir Halady said...

Hi Chaitali,

The process is a bit painful. The needles used are thick (15 - 17 gauge)

However, they use same points all the time. As a result the skin becomes used to the pricks in those areas and hence becomes immune to the pain.

Some hospitals do use local aneasthesia before pricking, so that makes it a bit easier

Dont worry. Your dad will be able to take the pain. Its not that bad. Plus its just a matter of time. Feel free to connect with me on for any kind of support