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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Ash - winner

Ashwin Hemmad and myself grew up together. When I was active in the KSA he wasnt that active in organising events. However, his talent was there for all to see. He was brilliant on stage and whenever given an opportunity he proved himself.

But when he moved to a new place after marriage, we were not so much in touch and barely even got to speak to each other.

When the kids trek was being planned, I spoke to Ashwin and invited him to join us with his elder one. He readily agreed. Then after a couple of days he called asking whether he could get his 3 year old son along. We had stipulated an age limit of 5 years but we had taken 3 year olds in an earlier trek to the same destination. I did mention that there would be stretches that would be a bit tricky but some experienced trekkers from V Hikerz would be around and we would be able to manage.

I knew for sure that Rajesh and Ananth would be around and I could bank on them.

Further Ashwin lives in Borivali. Our regulars from that side were not joining and we needed someone to co-ordinate the bus from the starting point to the end. I spoke to Ashwin and he readily agreed. This was despite the fact that he knew no one whom he was supposed to pick up. He had not even spoken to them !

This spirit was really touching and the way he went about contacting everyone and coordinating with us despite celebrating his son's third birthday the previous evening was exemplary. Even during the trek when their son was finding it difficult to cross some stretches, he never lost his enthusiasm and completed the trek.

Personally, I feel that without his participation the Kids trek would not have been such a great success that it has been. He was a winner all the way !

V hope that the trekking "keeda" has gotten into him and he would continue to join us regularly for treks.

The least it could do is get back in touch with an old friend !

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