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Monday, 29 August 2011


There was a huge rush for the Bhimashankar trek. So we were dissuading new members from joining that one. One such new member had called to join and I invited the person to join us for the kids trek.

It would be so much fun to see kids enjoying in the midst of nature. The response was something I never expected. Kids Trek - I dont want to come for a kids trek. I would rather do something tough.

Again during earlier treks, I realised some people didnt come as they thought the trek was "nalla" (too easy). It was below their dignity to do treks that were perceived as easy.

There are others who made comments like "I have been there before. Dont want to go there again"

In my experience of around 20 years of trekking, I have seen that every time I went for a trek the experience was unique. Every time the route had changed slightly and nature had its own ways to show its complexities.

There were tough treks that I have done easily without any hiccups while there were some easy treks that I have not been able to complete.

There have been very tricky stretches which I have crossed without any problems while I have slipped and fallen at the easiest of stretches.

Due to my dialysis, I might have more constraints physically than others, but I have observed these kind of behaviour with others as well.

Whether a trek is "difficult" or " easy" a certain level of concentration and focus is required. The mind needs to be conditioned to ensure that whatever the terrain one must have a firm footing.

Nature is beautiful and its beauty manifests itself in unique ways everytime we visit a place. Its not only about the sights, but the climate, the terrain and even the condition of our body and mind that makes it unique everytime.

In fact even nature has its own mind. Its all powerful. Imagine how long the mountains have been standing there. Imagine how it has the power to bear the flowing water, all the plants, the trees, the wild animals, and the whole ecosystem that sustains itself.

We are in fact a part of this ecosystem.

Treks are a beautiful way to observe how we are just a part of this ecosystem and how our bodies and minds and everything fits beautifully into the scheme of nature.

We are just one small part of the jigsaw puzzle. This part of nature is the most enjoyable. This is what treks give us an opportunity to realise and keep reinforcing.

Who are we to call a trek as "nalla" ?

You must be kidding !

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